Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A work in progress

A couple of months ago, I drew up my plan for the garden and tried to allocate the space I have. This is my first year taking my gardening seriously and I am very much learning along the way. Plans aren't written in stone and can be changed as the plants and weather dictate, I am learning to be flexible. I must look a bit demented or, at the very least, obsessive to my neighbours because I spend quite alot of time in the garden (rain permitting) looking and thinking and trying to get the layout how I want it, maximise space and visualise how it might look once plants are in place and grown. It feels like it's moving in the right direction.

I realised that if we used old plastic bottles as cloches for Leah's sweetcorn, I could use the long cloche on the larger raised bed,.

Once I cloched the sweetcorn, I realised I could sow some seeds in the large raised bed. In this bed (on the left handside), I've sown some peas at the back with sweetcorn coming forward, interspersed with radishes. This bed gets the best sun out of the two large beds so I'm hoping I might be able to try growing some of the tomatoes on the right handside towards the end of the month.

The lettuce is coming along. Leah comes into the garden and I'll point her towards the spinach or a tasty looking lettuce leaf or a pea shoot and she'll have a nibble. She reckons it's like having a supermarket in the garden where you can just go and help yourself, as the weeks go on there will hopefully be more to nibble on.

I love the anticipation, waiting for this to open fully. Planted several bulbs in October(ish), think they are alliums (don't recall exact variety) and the wait is almost over.

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