Sunday, 12 August 2012

Ups and downs

Things have been ticking along nicely on the whole.
The blight that has been threatening for weeks has not taken hold and we are enjoying a slow but steady and very tasty supply of tomatoes.
We've had not a lot of luck with the radishes, after our first harvest we've only had one or two that have actually swelled up. On the whole they have just stayed thin.

My last sewing of peas has developed mildew.

As there was only one pod and no flowers I pulled it up, I have some mangetout seedlings in the same bed so I wanted to avoid it spreading.

Leah's corn has been one of this year's success stories.
These are mine.

They are mini! They're not meant to be. They are doing everything that Leah's corn has done, just on a much smaller scale!
Still, if they produce and it's tasty then that is all that matters really.

After the disaster of mistakenly chopping off my two viable pumpkins I've been waiting and hoping.

There have been male and female flowers just not at the same time.
It's so disappointing to watch a female pumpkin or squash whither and drop off because it never had the chance to get pollinated.
I've decided to give them a couple of weeks and if nothing happens I shall pull them up.
This bed, I plan to sow with green manure. It needs a rest as it had broccoli and kale previously so in the interest of crop rotation to prevent any nasties lingering in the soil I'm going to let this bed rest over the autumn/winter.

And here is the promise of some broccoli romanescu.

The cosmos and my trusty perennials have been wonderful this year.

When I'm standing at my kitchen sink washing up, it really is a joy to look out the window and know that I played a part in making this happen.



  1. I like cosmos, but for some reason I don't have any. You'll get a lot of harvest.

  2. It's ups and downs for all of us. Fingers crossed for the sweet corn, yours and mine.
    I grow the white cosmos, but so far have had little luck with rudbeckia(?)but will try again next year as it's a good looking combination.
    Flighty xx

    1. It is rudbeckia Flighty, it's a great plant and has been really reliable for me. x

  3. cosmos certainly brighten up a brick wall, my peas have started to develop mildew too

    1. I don't know what's causing mine David, might have to try a resistant variety next year if possible. x

  4. Cosmos is lovely isnt it. I found a packet of the white cosmos seeds & scattered them over a bare patch. Just about to flower.