Friday, 25 May 2012

Things are looking lush...

...and I couldn't be happier with how the garden is looking.

The various lettuces and rockets are cropping well, we've picked from them most days this week.
 The "open-air tomatoes" in this bed seem to be doing fine.
 In this bed we now have, peas (back, left), 1 sunflower (back, right), radishes and corn (left), toms with aubergine and peppers (right) and finally strawberries and garlic (front of pic). I like this bed for the fact that there is just such alot going on.

The growhouse plants look good to me. Last year, I wasn't this far ahead with planting and all my toms have flowers or buds on now so I have gained ground and experience on last year.
My one potted tom (which, frustratingly had it's first little tomato set) has now got a new home. I took it upto Leah's school today,  her class have a little patio outside their classroom and her teacher said we could use it for growing and planting and as Leah is the nominated class "eco-warrior" (?) she wanted to grow some peas they were given. This then snowballed into more than just peas. It was really lovely actually working with the children and we sowed some peas, radishes, coriander, sunflowers and lettuces, all stuff that will hopefully grow quickly for them and before the summer holidays. Lovely to see kids so enthused about gardening.

I'm using every available inch of space, managed to get 3 radishes tucked in alongside the tomato plant and they're coming along.

The pumpkin and squash are looking good (despite the yellow leaves). I think I've given them enough room, time will tell.

So. it's been an amazing week of scarily high temperatures, I've watered daily but frugally until today where I gave everything a really good soaking. Water butts are now empty, all the harvested water I stored in bottles is now gone, we are now down to grey and tap water. I used up the last of the rain water on the blueberries (they really do prefer rain water and not tap water) and I'm hoping it can hold out, a  little rain is forecast for Tuesday, hoping it turns out to be alot. But I won't complain, it's just so amazingly summery at the moment, it would seem ungrateful to moan about it.
I'll sign off with a picture or two of a perennial, non-edible (lost the label, so sorry can't tell you what it is). Looks lovely though and makes me smile, inside and out. Enjoy the weather. x


  1. It's all looking really good. Getting children involved is great and so important so well done.
    You're doing the right thing with the watering as a soaking every day won't do them much good at all.
    I like your 'daisy' perennial although I don't know what it is.
    Happy gardening, Flighty xx

  2. Thanks for the advice about watering Flighty. x

  3. What a great garden you have in such a compact space. Keep up all the good work - love keeping track of you - added your site to my blog finally today, been meaning to do it for ages :-)
    Niamh x