Saturday, 5 May 2012

Spreading the gardening bug

Today we went to Polhill, Badgers Mount. Such a great garden centre and well worth the drive. We go every 6 weeks or so. They have a great butchers there and we tend to get most of our meat shop there, it's much tastier than the supermarket stuff. The place is huge and does such a variety of stuff, garden furniture that is as big as my garden. Great way to spend a few hours.

 I managed to avoid the temptation to buy seedlings, really do have enough to be getting on with. Leah made a special request for some "ballerina flowers", fuchsias so I let her pick the 2 varieties she liked and they were planted in a wall basket then put to bed in the grow house for the night. I picked out some purple sprouting broccoli seeds, loved having these in the garden last season. Dave actually picked out some cut and come again coriander seeds, requested that I try growing romanescu broccoli and him and Leah picked out some colourful carrot seeds. Could the growing and gardening bug be spreading? In some ways that would be great, though the selfish part of me likes pottering around on my todd, never was big on sharing. I am really lucky that Dave supports me and humours me the way he does.

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