Sunday, 29 April 2012

Decided to leave our sunflowers outside, that old saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" springs to mind, so if they make it through the battering the garden is taking at the moment they they will have earned their place in the garden. I'm not overly inclined to harvest and shell sunflower seeds (currently my thinking, may change in the future) and therefore refuse to get sentimental about them, they were just taking up precious space in the kitchen.

 Toms are really shooting up. Coriander coming along nicely in the growhouse, which thankfully hasn't blown over. Have been trying to grow parsley for several weeks now, just wasn't happening for me. Finally, one little seedling has poked it's head through the compost and vermiculite, hoping he's got a whole load of little friends to follow.

Jostaberry, planted in September, has 5 little baby berries. Looks like that could be it for it's first year but it's put on loads of growth so I may have to be content with that for this year.

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