Monday, 7 May 2012

Yesterday actually did some work on the garden with Dave. We are gradually putting up new fence panels, our neighbour has alot of stuff growing against our fence on her side so we can't do it all in one go as she is (understandably) reluctant to hack all her stuff back. We've done as much as we can, just hoping we can persuade her to let us do the final two panels in the Autumn/Winter.

The good news is that the garden is progressing and I can see a bit more clearly the direction I want to go in, moved a few pots around and low and behold a space has appeared just about the right size to fit a small raised bed. Yay! Mentioned it to Dave and he didn't bat an eye. Yay again!

Had a thorough go through the growhouse, a rogue snail had found it's way all the way to the top shelf and had helped itself to my coriander and fennel seedlings. Not happy! Still, it made me have to clear out the growhouse and rearrange the plants, also realised I had badly neglected the cosmos, which all needed potting on. Quite proud of the fact that because the water butts are so full, I've washed out all the empty pots ready for the next time they're needed.

Sowed some broccoli and kale in the growhouse, also sowed some rainbow carrots in the raised bed.

I know my sowing style has been a bit haphazard in the other bed so I'm going to be more disciplined with this bed and sow in rows. Keeping it covered at the moment just in case it gets too cold and (mostly) to help keep the cat off. She seems to think it's just a great big litter tray purely for her. Empty garden bags and a liberal sprinkling of pepper is my answer to that.

The carrots in the Ikea bag are coming along nicely, I read somewhere that carrots don't like too much water so I've been covering them up when we've had long periods of rain (so, quite alot). I think the theory is that if they are too wet, you get lots of green tops and not lot of root. I've thinned out a few and they do seem to be progressing nicely. We'll see.


  1. It looks like you are really getting the garden sorted - it is amazing just how much you can grow in a small space. I love seeing what I can grow in containers - sometimes the harvests are better than those from the open ground. Just a thought - have you considered joining Blotanical - they will certainly put plenty of readers your way.

  2. Thanks for the advice Elaine, have had a look and signed up

  3. Elaine is right you know - I've just found your blog through Blotanical, and am glad I did. Planning to have a good read when the chores are finished.