Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Gathering seeds.

I absolutely love alliums. I am smitten.
I left them to go to seed and they really are the gift that keeps on giving.

Gardening really has turned my head. I wouldn't consider myself a wasteful person but since I'm taking my garden a bit more seriously, I don't like to waste anything.
Yes I have allium bulbs on order and to grow alliums from seed takes a good while from what I understand but still I found myself popping a brown paper bag on the seed head (like I've seen Carol Klein do on Gardeners World).

I cut the stem and then shook out as many seeds as I could.
I gathered the seeds in a small envelope for future use and I've sown three seeds for a start and popped them in the cold frame.
I shall just wait and see.
I've also got some coriander that has gone to seed and I'm thinking I will gather it either for sowing or cooking, either way they will be put to good use.
Six months ago I would not have even considered doing this, yes gardening does change you.

And finally, just wanted to share a couple of pictures. I went with the kids to visit family in Ruislip. A trip to the park and we came across several areas where they were growing wild flowers.
Just lovely.



  1. I really must grow some alliums next year!
    I'm collecting lots of flower seeds at the moment.
    Ruislip is just a few miles away so I must go and have a look at those wild flowers. Flighty xx

    1. I just checked and I think it's called Cavendish Rec, Flighty. x

    2. Thanks I know it so I may well take a look during next week. Flighty xx

  2. that bottom picture is wonderful a classic well done, a nice visit again to your blog

  3. You should have no problem with your allium seeds. They just plain seed themselves all over my garden naturally. If there are too amny in an area I just hin them out.

  4. I collect all sorts of seeds but usually things just seed themselves about. waste not, want not is my motto. I love wild flower meadows - it is great that more councils are doing this now - they just look so lovely.