Sunday, 13 May 2012

Getting carried away in the sunshine.

So, Saturday was gloriously sunny, after stocking up on more bags of soil (£3.49 for a 50 litre bag from Tesco x3) got home and got busy. I potted up more jalapenos and aubergine and now the tomato growhouse is full.
The plants that went out the other day seem to have settled in happily so I'm just keeping a close eye on the weather forecasts and keeping the fleece at the ready. I suppose I was bouyed by the good weather and the success of the filling of this growhouse that I got even more daring and really decided to go for it.....

I realised that the small growhouse would fit on the raised bed, covering most of the plants growing and  I could place more plants in their final place.

In this space I've planted sungold and moneymaker toms, an aubergine and big banana pepper with marigolds of course. The seedlings you can see in the picture above are radish and sweetcorn. I'm really hoping that the growhouse is effective in providing the perfect growing conditions and again have the fleece on standby.

The next few weeks, I think I shall be on tenterhooks. Does fortune really favour the brave? I'll let you know for certain in a few weeks.


  1. I am in exactly the same position - I have put out three tomato plants - well protected - they have got to go out some time might as well be now - famous last words!

  2. Hopefully the weather will get sunnier and warmer soon so that we can all start planting things out without worrying about cold nights! Flighty xx