Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bread, beds, brassicas and other stuff......

Dave and I joked the other day that he is the bread winner and I am the bread maker, so the things that I do that are supposed to make/save money (cardmaking, jewellery making, making our own bread and gardening) tend to usually involve us spending the money in the first place. Like I've said, Dave is a very patient man! When I found that the reward vouchers you get from shopping at Tescos can be used at Thompson and Morgan, I jumped at the chance. It feels a bit less like I'm spending Dave's (our) hard earned cash. I've already had one raised bed, seeds, bits and pieces and an apple tree. With the latest vouchers, just £15 got me a £39 raised bed, a clematis and a lily. Bargain! But, I am not here to advertise for Tescos so I shall move on.

Raised bed filled with soil, I set about planting up some brassicas (kale and broccoli). The few I grew last year were plagued by bugs, so this year I am going to protect them as much as I can for as long as I can. I still have some seedlings which I will hang onto, I will probably pot them on until I can find space for them in one of the other beds.

Been doing a bit of rearranging over the past few days.
The last of the tomatoes are planted up and are now fending for themselves, using reusable grow bags which I've had about 3 years now and are wearing well. I've started leaving the bottles off the corn at night. So far, no casualties.

Today, I spotted the start of the first flowers on the peas. That is something I am really looking forward to eating. Fresh peas really are something that is hard to beat.

Blueberries. Not a great picture but they are coming along. That is one of the great things about growing so many things I haven't grown before, watching the process of plants as they grow and develope is really fascinating.

The weather forecasts says it's going to be a great week, finally!

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  1. It's all looking good, and if it is sunny and warm this week the plants will certainly welcome it Flighty xx