Monday, 10 June 2013

When animals attack!

Having been laid low with a cold, I've been grateful that there hasn't really been an awful lot to do in the garden besides watering and placing the odd plant in its final position.
I have been keeping an obsessively close eye on the jostaberry plant. Last year it was ravaged by sawflies that stripped it bear so when I found a leaf completely stripped, early last week,  and 6 caterpillars happily chomping away I was immediately on red alert.
I have been checking twice daily (at least), checking from all angles, moving the plant round.... You get the picture! There has been nibbling but I haven't found any more caterpillars. Maybe the birds are keeping them at bay.
Then it looks like the squirrels have been at the apples.
At first I thought it had some horrible disease then I realised there were bite marks.
We've now moved the pot away from the fence and this seems to have confused the squirrels for the time being.
So it looks like they've moved on to the radishes.
So, if it's not the wildlife nibbling, then it's the cat sabotaging my attempts.

 Immy found the perfect spot to sleep in the sun, unfortunately it was on one of my strawberry plants.
I shook a fist at her and she gave me a look of pure disdain.
Just when you think you have things under control, the forces of nature prove to you otherwise.
It is never boring.


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  1. I sympathise as I never really feel that I have things under control on the plot!
    I like the cat picture, so typical with the look! xx