Monday, 24 June 2013

Helpful robins.

The last time I opened the compost bin, I found that a colony of ants had decided to take up residence.
The soil was beautifully crafted into a network of tunnels, nice.
There were also hundreds of little ants eggs, not so nice.
Not a great picture.
   I have nothing against ants, there was just a shocking amount of eggs and already a huge
                                                               amount of ants.
 I left the lid off the bin and along came a family of robins, parents and fledglings (which were very shy and I couldn't get a photo).


They had a really good feed, the parents didn't mind me being a few feet away taking photos.
I did while away a good hour watching them.
The housework can wait, moments like these should be captured.


  1. A lovely, smiley post and terrific photos. Lucky you to see a whole robin family, and lucky them to be provided with a feast like that. Flighty xx