Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Champagne bubbles

It was a lovely surprise this morning to find the first of the poppies "champagne bubbles" had quite literally "popped" open.
The casing that held the poppy bloom.
I have to admit, I was obviously very ignorant as to how the poppy would open. Still a little bit in awe of the whole process.
 I have tried sowing several batches of basil with no success what so ever.
I've never been a fan of basil before I came across a great pesto recipe which the kids love.
Rather than having to keep buying pots from the supermarket about £1.50 a time, I used the cheats method. I bought a pot of basil from Tesco, split the plants which turned out to be about 10 individual plants and gave them individual 8" pots.
After 3 weeks I planted the plants in any space around the garden, the plants have a lot more leaves per plant than when I bought it. I've now got plenty of basil and haven't bought any since..
I had bought some chalkboard pens to use on craft stuff I had been messing around with.
It was a happy accident to find that I could use them out does and the writing is weather proof.
It works on some old slate I found in the garden, pots and even pebbles.
It's proving very handy, I may know what most things are but Dave and the kids need a bit of guidance.

Bob the apple tree (as named by Leah)
 And finally....
comparing the garden 17th May
and then on the 16th June.
Very satisfying.


  1. Lovely poppy, and well named. Good luck with the basil plants. The posh writing with the marker pens looks really good, as does the garden now. Flighty xx

  2. Very kind of you to say so Mike, thanks. X

  3. I love the fact you have an apple tree named Bob, brilliant!