Thursday, 27 September 2012

So, it's been three days of near constant rain.
Looking at the photos of houses, fields and gardens underwater around the country, I feel grateful not to be in the position of so many people so I'm not going to moan about the weather. It is what it is.

I am going to talk on radishes.
My first batch of radishes, back at the start of the season, were great. Round and lovely as they should be.
Every other batch I grew after that were long and string like.
In a last ditch moment of optimism, I sowed one last batch.
They germinated and once the true leaves came through, I thinned out the smaller ones and placed each seedling deeper into the soil.
Lo and behold the result was
it worked!!! Just one or two have failed but most are lovely and perfectly bulbous little radishes.
Now, it could be that there has been more rain but I had watered the others well over the Summer. I do think there maybe something in the container, it's washing up bowl from Ikea, made about 6 holes in the bottom, a layer of broken up polystyrene for drainage and then soil and manure.. I lalso think the replanting the seedlings deeper helped.
May have to do some experimenting in the spring to find out what works best.
Anyone out there have a technique that works for them?

The brassicas had been looking really ropey so I gave them a good layer of compost, manure and fish blood and bone about 3 weeks ago and they are looking a much healthier shade of green and putting on alot more growth. I've been able to pick some kale and cavolo nero to have with  dinner which has been nice.

These are Kennedy variety mangetout that I sowed some time in August I think and have been producing enough for a handful every few days. I picked these mainly because they were mildew resistant I've been lucky for them to be still producing.

Finally, today we had a visit from Mrs Squirrel.

Very bold she was, I'm sure, had the door been open she would have come in.




  1. What a lovely visitor! Congratulations for your good harvest. Have a great weekend!

  2. I generally don't grow radishes so can't help except to suggest trying several varieties as one is likely to grow better than the others.
    I love the squirrel photo! Flighty xx

  3. I have had no success at all with radishes this year - which is weird considering they are meant to be the easiest crop of all. My caterpillar eaten greens are starting to show new leaves which is a relief - not looking as good as yours though.

    1. It's kind of reassuring that experienced gardeners are having problems with radishes too, but I will keep trying. Thanks Elaine. x