Sunday, 2 June 2013

Gardening and cake post.

 Prompted by Flighty's post (which in turn was prompted by Veg Plotting's post, and so on and so forth).
I came to baking cakes only recently, the few attempts I made usually resulted in something unspeakable. I had resigned myself to the fact that making cakes just wasn't something I would master. The earth would keep turning and life would go on.
Sparing you the tedious details, about 2 or so years ago, I tried making cupcakes, they went down well. It took me months to graduate to proper cakes, to my utter amazement, people can't seem to get enough of the cakes I make. I don't do anything amazing, just follow the recipe (some I tweak).
I think what people appreciate is home baking, something that you can tell was made that day or the day before. It tastes real.
Our friend was celebrating his 40th today and was having an open house. I'd offered to help provide some of the food, this also happened to be the couple whose garden I've been helping do. Nice to spend time in the garden and not have to do anything but relax.
This was my contribution.
Cardamon loaf and vanilla and choc chip loaf


One of the by-products of baking is the egg shells which I now keep. I give them a good rinse under a scalding hot tap then let them dry out in a bowl on the window sill.

When I need them I just give them a good bash in the pestle and mortar and sprinkle them where needed in the garden.

The cucamelon I planted out the other day all completely vanished. I'm assuming slugs or snails are the culprits hence the eggshells. Not as reliable as slug pellets but better for the wildlife.
This is my very last batch of cucamelon, if I lose these then that is it. I looked at ordering plug plants but I missed out there, so I've decided if they don't work out then I will sow more peas.
I do love my alliums, they are now fully open and stunning.
As so little else is in flower, they are helping the bees out too.
I packed away the large grow house, and now the garden is less cluttered with debris, becoming ever more green. My little, overlooked and less than perfect patch. I love it all them same.
When insomnia struck, this is where I could be found at 5.30 this morning, chopping back branches, pulling up the odd weed and generally mooching around.


  1. Thanks for joining in the fun, and for the linked mention. I hope that the cakes tasted as good as they looked.
    It won't be long before the garden starts filling up with colour and foliage. Flighty xx

    1. I didn't get a look in with the cakes which would suggest they did! Thanks Flighty. X

  2. So glad Flighty's post inspired you to join in with the Bloggers' Cut :)

    I like the look of your gingerbread cake in particular and a very timely reminder for everyone re what they can do with their eggshells after making oodles of cake!

    Everyone is adding the link to their posts over at mine (as the host of the event) - I've added yours too. Hope that's OK.