Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Thinking positively

Apparently there is going to be 10 more days of rain so, on a positive note, there's no need to water the garden. Usually, by the middle of August I will have gotten a tad bored of  daily watering, not this year. Although we've had torrential rain, Saturday and Sunday especially, we've not had it as bad as most. The garden is still in one piece and not waterlogged as it would be had we had grass. Really hoping for some sunshine soon though.....

I managed to squeeze and hour or so of gardening in between the downpours on Sunday.
I cut back a load of the leaves on 2 of the tomato plants.

The hope is that what little sun we get will work towards starting some ripening. I'll give it another couple of weeks before I start on the other plants otherwise, I think, we'll have a load ripening at the same time.

Also, an update on the maskotka tomatoes that were re potted.

All 3 plants are doing well and now producing toms, so you can take a plant that looks doomed and give it a new lease of life.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the garden....
The rhubarb planted at the start of the year is looking really promising.

3 male pumpkin flowers, not one female flower!

The blueberries are finally ripening.

And finally, in the ongoing struggle of woman vs squirrel, I struck a small blow in that my sunflower survived to full maturity! Yay!

I chopped it down so Leah can take it into school for show and tell. Next day, I came down to find that the little blighter had had a jolly good dig around in two of the beds and made a right old mess among the carrots. I make that Woman 1 - Squirrel 1 . Dave's talking about getting a spud gun or air rifle. I'm tempted.




  1. I was thinking the same this morning after watering the fruit trees i have in pots. I think i have watered the garden twice at the most this year. Lucky you with your bluberries mine are still green.

  2. That's one good thing about the rain no dragging the hose out every evening. Your tomatoes are coming along nicely - I still don't have any anywhere near ripening yet - must have patience.

  3. It's all looking good! I'm grateful that I haven't had to water the plot. We sure do need some sunshine.
    Your sunflower saga continues to make me smile!
    Flighty xx