Saturday, 7 July 2012

Something to lift the spirits.

Yesterday evening I went out with Leah and a friend of mine  to Clapham to a sewing cafe called Sew Over It. We spent a happy couple of hours learning to make bunting and came away feeling very pleased with ourselves. We walked a few yards down the road to the bus stop and came across the Edible Bus Stop. I took these photos on my phone so please excuse the poor quality but I was very excited by it.

I'd heard about the village of Todmordon and to me it's such an inspiring thing to do. For various reasons, I suppose I didn't expect to find something similar in London. It must take a tremendous amount of faith to plant like that in  a society where communinty is often something we think of in the past tense,  my fear would be that someone might come along and trash it. But  there it is growing and thriving opposite Lambeth Hospital. There were numerous sunflowers, a herb patch, broad beans, cabbages, tomatoes, flowers....
What has been created there is a wonderful and inspirational space where the care that has been taken over it just sucks you in, makes you happy and restores a little bit of faith in human nature.

Your can follow the Edible Bus Stop on twitter and facebook.


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  1. It's different that's for sure, and a good idea, which will be great if it catches on! Flighty xx