Saturday, 21 July 2012

Human error....

 Thinking back to Monday's post.
 "So, barring snails, squirrel attack and human error (getting stood on) we should have two pumpkins. Yay!"
As they say, pride comes before the fall.
I fell!
I am still (4 days on from the incident I will tell you about) shaking my head as I think of what I did.
Came down to the garden after an alleged nights sleep and looked with pride upon my promising little globes of pumpkiness. Suddenly, the thought struck me, now would be a good time to cut back all the excess growth. Picked what I thought was the best place and yes I cut at the wrong spot!

Bye, bye little pumpkins, it was good while it lasted. Back to crossing my fingers.

On a more positive note, all six of Leah's sweetcorn  are doing what sweetcorn should. It was great to see and really unexpected.

I think this is a Green veined white I had just rescued him from being trapped at the top of the tomato grow house, he sat on my fingers for a few seconds. My favourite moment of the day.


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  1. Oh dear! My sweetcorn is also doing well, so fingers crossed that we get some delicious cobs. The butterfly looks like a Large or Small White rather than a Green-veined White. Either way lucky you having it sit on your fingers, which is always a magical moment.
    Flighty xx