Monday, 23 July 2012

Additions and solutions.

What a fabulous day!
We were fortunate enough to be a 10 minute walk from where the Olympic torch relay was passing by so me and the kids trundled along to see it this morning.

It's so good to have some sunshine, I think we needed it as much as the plants did.
Back to the garden, we popped into our favourite garden centre to get some wellies for Chris, oh and some more organic manure and some seeds and and look at that lovely hanging basket with strawberries I think that would look lovely in our garden..... Dave is very gracious and I don't even have to remind him that I don't own or desire loads of shoes or handbags.

The hanging basket was £2.99 and I have to say it was the pink flowers that attracted me to it. Some of my strawberry plants are a few years old so it was about time for an upgrade. When we got it home, I saw that I had 3 individual plants so I split them and put two in the bed and left one in the basket, giving them all a good mix of compost, manure and potash. Then a cage that I hope will keep the fruit safe from the squirrel.

This morning, I checked the tomatoes over for blight (after another bad dream about the toms getting blight and turning to mush) and I decided to make my first batch of green tomato chutney. I came across this recipe last year from the blog My Tiny Plot by Gillian Carson It was her who inspired me to start blogging about my little ventures.
I have used a bit of artistic license with the recipe, we're not big on dried fruit so I put in a few more toms and added a slither of chili. The batch I made last year was quite popular ad I have a few requests for more.

It's on the stove, gently cooking away and filling the house with what I think is a fabulous smell.
I'm off to give it a stir and finish watering the garden.



  1. Looks great. I have a hanging strawberry in my greenhouse. At the beginning it gave some harvest, but not anymore, maybe because of the lack of the sunshine...

    1. I think it's worth giving them a chance and then if they really don't improve somethimes you have to move on. x

  2. What a great bargain! We went out yesterday & found half price seeds. I am now nearly stocked up for next year.

    1. I am trying to resist the urge to buy more seeds, I really dont need any at the moment, what I want is a whole different matter. x

  3. A busy, but worthwhile, day by the look and sound of it! Flighty xx