Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday's post

I, quite frankly, rarely think of a relevant title for my posts but I have realised that most of my posts seem to happen on a Monday probably because it coincides with Dave going off to play football. So today's post gets a title, ok a bit of an unimaginative one but it's something I may work on.

I was saying to another blogger (Niamh at that one of the great things about blogging is how you can look back and see how things have progressed and come on. I look at photos I took 2, 3and 4 months back and then realise that those little seedlings that took up space in my kitchen during February, March and most of April are now sitting proud and bushy in my garden with the promise of something good and tasty just around the corner. In the words of Jamie Oliver, "Happy days".

I'm really pleased with the nasturtiums, they are serving me well as this picture with a whole bunch of black fly will testify. I have not used any bug spray this year and I'm glad for it. I've found that I haven't needed to, the only significant infestations have been these black fly which are also on some of the cosmos and the sunflower, all of which I can live with if they're staying off my edibles.

A week on from separating the 3 maskotka (must check the spelling for that) toms whose leaves were a blotchy yellowy green, all 3 plants are doing well and looking a much healthier shade. They survived the manhandling and re homing, just goes to show that some plants can take it.

Elsewhere in the garden.......

The "June drop" must have happened in May for us because we still have 4 apples. Here are 2, well protected from that darn squirrel!

Leah's corn is looking fabulous, one got fairly battered over the weekend but I firmed it down and gave it a bigger stick for support and hopefully it will be ok.

Still waiting for flowers to happen on my chillies and aubergine, have prepared myself for the fact that it may not happen this year.

I had a really good sort out of the grow houses, one of which is really more of a store house, I wasn't going to include this photo but the eagle-eyed among you may be able to spot the robin in the tree watching me as I took the photo.

And here is what he was really interested in......

This is my sunflower, I'm just hoping he survives any potential squirrel attacks.

Thanks for reading my blog and letting me share my garden with you, such as it is.



  1. How come you have managed to get a sunflower this early mine are nowhere near ready yet. Your veg is looking good let's hope it stays that way.

    1. I think we started these in early April Elaine, they're a Russian Giant which I grew on in bottomless tomato plants so the roots didn't overrun the raised bed so I think they kind of reached cpapacity and aren't particularly tall if that makes sense.. Thanks. Maggie x

  2. Nice post and photos.
    I think that it's a good idea to title blog posts but having now done almost 650 on Flighty's plot I do struggle sometimes.
    I'm a touch envious of your sunflower as mine are like Elaine's! Flighty xx