Saturday, 9 June 2012

I was thinking how confusing it must be for the plants. After days of incessant rain and being battered by strong winds, we have a Saturday of sunshine and warmth (with strong winds for good measure) which was a welcomed change. They really must not know if they are coming or growing. I'm thankful that most everything is still intact as it should be, except for the corn, which had been getting tall......
this morning they were all leaning at an improbable angle, but as that is the worst of the damage the garden has suffered I count myself very lucky. I've now given each one a stick for support and am now hoping for the best.

It seems like the squirrel has struck again (though it could well have been a mouse I suppose), this time an unripened strawberry got nibbled. Last year I got my hands on a couple of squirrel-proof bird feeders that have proved really effective. It seems like the squirrel has now moved onto easier pickings. Tonight I've sprinkled a mixture of pepper, curry powder and cayenne around the strawberries. I'm hoping this will work as I don't want to go down the route of buying sprays or stuff.

I noticed one of the garlics had started to flower, it's the only one to do so far, so I've left it to see what happens, although it does mean the bulb will stay small I have plenty of others so I can spare one. Even if it doesn't do much, I love the way it looks. Apparently you can eat them, sauteed with butter is supposed to be good which is what I'll do if I get any more.

The slugs and snails haven't been too much of a problem and I've been mainly sowing some successional sowings of lettuce, radish and herbs. I should imagine with the football now started, weather permitting, I shall be in the garden quite a bit and I don't mind one little bit.


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  1. What with the weather and various pests it's a wonder that we end up with anything for ourselves. Flighty xx