Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sunshine! Finally!
Okay, so it's unlikely to last for more than today but ho hum.
Time to get a few shots.

I managed to get some netting over the brassicas which on the whole are looking great. I've come to the conclusion that netting should only be tackled by two people, it is just too much hassle to do on your own. Despite pegging the netting in place, I found a very singleminded snail on the inside of the netting.

I've only planted one pumpkin and one squash because of space. Last year I tried growing pumpkins and found that despite growing 4 plants, I only managed to get two very small pumpkins. I just didn't seem to get male and female flowers at the same time. So I know that growing just one plant is a big risk, it will either pay off or it won't. At the moment, I seem to be in luck as I have one definite female flower and a few males emerging and they are similar sizes. Obviously, nothing is guaranteed in gardening.......

I have to admit, I don't seem to have much luck with hanging baskets. It's not really a case of luck, more a case of they never seem to look as good in reality as they do in my imagination. This one looks promising but like everything else in the garden, it would benefit from a bit less rain and alot more sun.



  1. Like you I made the most of this morning and took a few photos on the plot.
    I usually grow just one pumpkin or squash just for fun.
    I'm sure that there's an art to doing hanging baskets, which I like to see but don't do any myself. Flighty xx

  2. Hi Maggie,
    Your garden is looking wonderful. I think the key to hanging baskets is sun and plenty of water retention gels - the sun will come - we hope!! Your pumpkin looks so healthy - mine got snapped off last night in the horrendous wind and rain we had here in the west of Ireland last night. Niamh x