Saturday, 1 September 2012

In my happy place.

It has been a busy couple of weeks and moments in the garden have been few and far between.
We just had a lovely week with my nephew staying with us and I had little time and no energy left at the end of the day.
Yesterday I was feeling a great need to detach from everyone and just be in the garden. Sometimes I'm not so good with people.
Today I was so thankful to finally get a few hours on my own to potter and catch up on some areas that needed my attention.

My second year of trying to grow a pumpkins and another fail.
I finally made the decision to cut it back and pull it up which meant I could prepare that small area to plant up some strawberry plants in a few weeks.
I topped up the soil with compost and organic manure and covered it with wire mesh to make sure the cat doesn't use it as a toilet.

There was a nice surprise, despite the plant seemingly putting out male and female flowers at completely different times the squash has two apparently viable fruit!

How and when it happened, I couldn't tell you but I'm not knocking it!

My one good aubergine is still hanging in there.
The two plants I have keep putting out flowers. I gave one long enough to see what would happen.
This seems to have rotted on the plant, as some of you have warned me of.

I'm now chopping back leaves to give this precious aubergine all the help I can give it.
I'm getting to the point where plants that have passed their best or done their job are being composted so I can allocate their space to something else, no room for sentimentality in this garden!

Big banana pepper
My peppers have really started to give me lots of fruits, at this late stage, I'd be very surprise is we get anywhere beyond green. Fortunately, they are all in pots so I can bring them inside if necessary and try and ripen them on a sunny windowsill.

There will be plenty more to do over the coming days and weeks and I'm rubbing my soil ingrained hands with glee at the thought of it.



  1. the garden is looking better than last time when it looked very sorry on your return from a break

    1. Thanks David, I'm glad to say things are looking up. x

  2. After a few rather so-so days I shall be in my happy place tomorrow doing plenty of plotting.
    It's definitely getting near the end of the season time isn't it. Flighty xx

    1. Yes, it's definetly winding down Flighty. Happy plotting to you. x

  3. I have tried to grow pumpkins for years and almost every summer I fail. All my pumpkins rot. It seems that you'll get some harvest. Lucky you!