Sunday, 30 September 2012

A harvest, of sorts......

I really am trying not to let the Squirrels get to me.
This is easier said than done. Each morning I go into the garden to find more Squirrel sized craters...everywhere.

It's not a problem when it's beds and pots that aren't in use but the Squirrels aren't very considerate and the red mist seems to have descended and all they want to do is dig. Really hoping this doesn't go on too much longer.
So distracted was I by the whole Squirrel business that I didn't even notice my jostaberry plant was suffering.The leaves were being stripped!

It was only on really close inspection that I found the culprits.

I've harvested at least fifty so far. They are difficult to spot and I'm sure it will probably take me a few more days to get them all.
From what I could find out on the internet, they are sawfly and if I don't get rid of them I could lose any chance of a crop next year.

Yesterday, we went to Dulwich park, which is a lovely place. I just thought that the colours of these leaves against the sky was stunning.

It is a beautiful time of year.



  1. Let's hope you get rid of those worms. You have a persistant squirrel in your garden... ;O)

  2. The squirrels are fattening themselves up for winter so are even more of a nuisance at this time of year.
    I like that last picture. Flighty xx

  3. you have a good eye for a photo Maggie I like that colour combination above, we use to go to Dulwich park many years ago