Sunday, 16 September 2012

One job among many

The garden really is a mess at the moment. Progress is slow and steady.
A few weeks ago I put a grease band on the apple tree.
The whole point of grease bands is that bugs that lay their eggs at the base of the tree, they hatch and crawl up the trunk and then do horrible things to the tree..
Grease bands are really sticky and traps the bugs as they climb up.

It was a horrible messy job and I made a horrible messy job of it.
Sticky stuff all over my hands that was a nightmare to get off.

I decided to give it another go a few days later, with gloves on.
Much more sensible.

The box (once I'd finally read the instructions) recommended putting a band on the supporting cane which will also stop any that should climb up that.
Just one of those simple little jobs that will make a huge amount of difference.

Just wanted to say a quick word of thanks to you lovely people, seen and unseen, who put up with my ramblings and meanderings.
Thank you for listening.



  1. Quite a job. I hate all the messy jobs...Let's hope those bands will work.

  2. It's the time of year when gardens are messy!
    Thank you for your enjoyable posts. Flighty xx

  3. My plot is a right mess this time of year

  4. Bit by bit I am gradually getting garden jobs done in preparation for winter - just hope the weather holds out a bit longer.