Monday, 13 May 2013

Not enough hours in the day.

There really aren't!
Such a lot going on!

I've been working on the latest bed (made from remnants of the kid's beds so I call it the bed bed (original, eh?)).
There are rosemary and thyme plants and Chinese chives and parsley I have grown from seed.
I don't remember planting that many but I do seem to have a lot of bulbs coming through, along side garlic, strawberries, teasel, a dianthus plants and a perennial daisy type plant I've long forgotten the name of. It really is a busy bed.
So, there are still usable spaces where plants have yet to fill so I thought rather than wait for them to grow, I would make the most of it.
I sowed something in this bed in a little space and I can't for the life of me remember what it was. And, no I didn't write a label. I just assumed I would remember.
Bottom left hand corner of the photo, the seeds have germinated. I'm thinking they could be radish.
Lesson learnt, use labels from now on.
This uninspiring patch is out the front, our driveway.
I've had lavender here for a year or two and it was only happy in patches.
I was going to pull it all up but then changed my mind at the last minute a gave it a severe hacking.
The alliums I planted are in their second season and I've planted a mixture of foxglove, poppies, verbena and aquilega, they were left over from our friend's garden. My plan is to just see which ones work. I also did a light sowing of love in the mist seeds (pack of 750 seeds, 39p from Aldi) in the gaps.
It's not going to be stylish but hopefully it will be colourful.
Whatever happens, I'm sure to learn something from the whole experience.
These are just next to our plot, in our neighbours garden.
They looked stunning and I had to get a photo to share.
Hope you are all not too busy.


  1. That's a good reuse of an old bed. I think the best thing with that strip out front is to try different plants to see what grows best.
    I could be busy but as always there's tomorrow! Flighty xx

  2. Thanks for the advice Flighty. Glad to say I have loads of your seeds germinating around the garden. Can't wait for them to flower. X

  3. In a couple of years it will all knit together nicely. That's what happened to a raised bed I have in my front garden, which will start looking lovely again once the tatty dying daffs go underground.