Thursday, 23 May 2013

Keeping my dirt stained fingers crossed.

So very much is going on the garden.
It was great to see a bee busy visiting every single blossom on the apple tree about a week or so ago.
And thanks to him and others we have the first bulges of potential apples.
Very exciting!
 Sowings of coriander, fenugreek, lettuce and radish.
A second sowing of cucamelon.
I want so much for these to work but the first batch look insipid and this second batch look like they are heading in the same direction.
I've tried everything I can think of, now it is just a case of fingers crossed.

This year I'm going to try growing chillies, peppers and aubergine in the tomato grow house.
I've put a potted marigold on each shelf to help with bugs and despite the temperatures being so erratic, they seem to be thriving.

Now according to James Wong (Home grown revolution), asparagus pea will trail nicely in a hanging basket. That is, I suppose if they survive the weather which has been decidedly nippy today
All the strawberry plants are flowering. 

Cavolo de nero  and romanesco seedlings.

These lilies are thriving against all odds.
They had spent last year growing in the old tyre and I most unceremoniously yanked them out and stuffed them in these pots and they seem to be loving it.

My yearly attempt at a hanging basket.
I shall reserve judgement.

On what was already a pretty busy day, the Rocket Garden pack I won last year arrived after lunch.
It was like Christmas, opening it up and pealing back layer after layer of straw to reveal different young plants.
I have potted up a lot and found a home for quite a lot.
Hoping to pass some more to others who haven't confirmed with me yet.
I have kept a bit more than I had intended. couldn't help myself.

We shall have no shortage of lettuce.
I've kept some of the straw and put it around the strawberries.

I kept some of the borlotti beans and runner beans.
It is going to be a tad cramped but I suppose it will really be proof of how much we can squeeze in and get out of these beds.

Leah helped me build the wigwams, plant the beans and took the photo.
It is noticeably chilly tonight, just really hoping everything survives.
Fingers and toes crossed.
Happy gardening.

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  1. You've sure been busy, and it's all looking good!
    Fingers crossed that you'll be lovely eating apples later in the year.
    Have a good weekend. Flighty xx