Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sometimes the books don't tell you everything...

Growing sweetcorn for the first time has been a bit of an adventure into the unknown.
 The books said, plant or sow in groups as sweetcorn flowers are pollinated by the wind. We did this.
 As the sweetcorn got taller, I just did not know what to expect next so when we discovered this the other week....
I assumed this was the cob forming.
I was wrong.
This (above) now looks like this (below)

For several days I was thinking I just couldn't see how this was going to turn into a cob. Well, of course it wasn't going to!
So the other day I spotted this...

So, this is where the cob forms.
Boy, do I feel a bit silly!
But, now I know.
So, all we have to do now is wait for the "tassells" to turn brown and then the cobs are ready.

Elsewhere in the garden....

the first crop of peas have been and gone so I cut them down and left the roots in the soil (like they do tell you in the books) and sowed some mangetout.

And finally, my first tree lily to flower.



  1. At least you must have had some sun in south London to grow corn this good

  2. Lucky you, a word of warning from someone who grew sweetcorn a couple of years back. Not only should you wait until the tassels turn brown you need to wait until the tassels look dead. It makes all the difference believe me. Hope you get a nice crop, it really is a different taste cooked as soon as picked.

    1. Thanks for the tip Joanne, that's useful to know. x

  3. Fingers crossed you get a decent harvest of cobs - I have never had much luck with them but yours seem to be doing ok. Gardening is definitely a learning experience.

  4. Looking good, and it's doing a lot better than mine! Flighty xx