Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Maybe once a week, I have to rescue butterflies from the grow house who have been after my young cavolo de nero plants. I had left them unchecked for a few weeks, which of course is a big mistake.

Yes, the result of my neglect. Leaves with great holes and others stripped bear. Your basic caterpillar attack. Decisive action needed. I used this as an opportunity to re pot the plants as they clearly needed it so took out all the plants and brushed off the eggs and because I'm not completely heartless, I re homed the caterpillars to leaves on the tree.

This was a relatively small one. I picked a massive one off my broccoli, popped it on a leaf, watched it for a little while and then it did a poo which I was quite impressed by.
Next on the agenda was to make the grow house butterfly proof.

It's surprising how useful clothes pegs are in gardening. Two layers of netting, if any butterflies get in I will be mightily impressed.

Have an immense sense of pride over my aubergine.

I hope I haven't jinxed it by saying that.

And finally my lilllies are looking amazing....

in the rain.



  1. Goodness me you are far too kind to your catterpillers

    1. I'm a bit more ruthless with snails Joanne.

  2. Actually putting the caterpillars on the tree was good for the birds so well done

    1. I suppose that's what comes from being so low down on the food chain David. I'd like to think at least one or two will go onto to be butterlies, and then we can start the cycle again :)

  3. Well done with the aubergine, and those lilies look good. Flighty xx

  4. There have been a lot more cabbage whites about over the last two days - so I suppose we can expect a lot more caterpillars to come. Hope your aubergine makes it - one or two of mine have fallen off and another couple have rotted - I never have much luck with them.