Monday, 23 April 2012

In between the rain, hail and wind.....

The few sunny spells have allowed just enough time to pot up a few tomato plants that had roots peaking out of the bottom of the pot, letting me know they needed more room. I'm really pleased with the progress they are making but like other gardeners, I'm running out of room. I have a tray of young plants on Leah's window ledge as they gets a good deal of sun being at the top of the house. The group of plants that have a temporary home in the kitchen were only getting the morning sun and that was it, the solution was to pop down to Wilkos and get a small cloche greenhouse. I had one last year which didn't last (don't think I took the best of care of it to be honest). As we don't have alot of space, the growhouses are useful and don't take up too much room. I've found that once the frame goes together and you go to put the cover on, some covers can be pretty tight and these seem to rip easily. This one (below) from Wilkos wasn't as snug so I'm happy (only £11.00) and will take good care of it.

So, during the day the young toms, aubergine, chillis etc go outside and soak up whatever sun we get (I think this was Sunday, which was pretty sunny), then in the evening the plants go back to the kitchen and the greenhouse goes over the pots of lettuce, herbs and strawberries as the nights have been pretty chilly.

The apple tree is in blossom. Looks lovely. Our first time growing apples (or any fruit tree) so it's quite exciting.


  1. I bought one of those cloches for a friend of mine who didn't have a greenhouse - she thought it was so useful she went and bought another one. I know what you mean about space being tight in the greenhouse I'm having the same predicament myself.

  2. Looks like it's going to be a good while before anyone can do any planting out.

  3. My baby apple trees are about to flower too. I know what you mean by exciting. It's the best. I am looking at your blog for blotanical. I am definitely loving it. I will be your mentor.