Monday, 26 March 2012

Our garden is small, it has not alot of soil to speak of, we are overlooked and I'm sure the garden would look a whole lot better if we threw a load of money at it. That's not going to happen. I just want to grow stuff and get dirt under my fingernails, so it's just a case of making the best of what we have. Last year, we tore down the old shed (and when I say we, I mean my friends son in law) that sat pointlessly at the bottom of  the garden for the 10 years we've lived here (and before) and I came a step nearer to being able to grow stuff. We put in two raised beds, chucked in some soil, grew some peas that looked ropey, grew some kale that lasted the winter and gave us a regular yet small supply of fresh greens, had 5 wonky plants of purple sprouting brocolli which gave us something special to go with the Sunday roast. In other pots and containers, I grew tomatoes and as they struggled to ripen, we had an abundance of green tomato chutney (yum!).

15th February I began sowing seeds for what I really hope will be a fruitful and vegful summer. Bring it on!


  1. Hello Maggie. I think you have the "Bug" !
    Welcome to the world of Gardeners :)