Wednesday, 28 March 2012

If it was down to me and me alone, I would in all likelihood fill the garden with raised beds. As it's not just down to me, I have to be inventive  and am always looking at ways I can grow more stuff. Here's some of the things I found secondary uses for (I'm sure there's a better way to explain that but it's been a long day and that is the best my brain can do at the moment).
Ikea bag, now a home for carrot seedlings that have just errupted in the past day or two (Early nantes seeds I bought in the summer for 50p from River Cottage cafe Axminster (blatant name drop!).
Chris's old wheelbarrow (about 10 years old) now a home to some spinach.

Leah's old wellies. It's weird, I've always found it hard to part with the kid's wellies, this is my way of hanging on to them and I get to grow some wild flowers in them (I hope).

My precious seedlings (sungold and moneymaker toms, aubergine, banana peppers and jalepenos), currently residing in my kitchen by the back door. The weather has been so amazing that I've been popping them out in the sun during the day, they are thriving.

Water is my worry. At the beginning of the month I ordered a second water butt and just missed the last rainfall so never got the chance to fill it. My old water butt is now almost drained and we are days away from the deadline for the hosepipe ban on April 4th. Gave everything a good watering with grey water for the first time today. I'm on a steep learning curve but just so excited about the gardeen and all the good things we will hopefully be eating through the summer. Leah was jumping around on one of the empty raised beds (her favourite pastime at the moment, followed by digging over the squashed down soil) tonight and we were joking about how I plan to send them out to graze in the garden saving me having to prepare dinner. I love my garden!


  1. Hi - just popped over from UK Veg Gardeners - you look as though you are using every available space to plant your veggies - a girl after my own heart. Good luck with the new growing season.