Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I decided to try growing some cosmos and some marigolds to grow along side the tomatoes. With everything I'm growing, I have to think where am I going to put it, space for growing is not something I have alot of.

The two raised beds we put in place last summer. With Leah, I sowed some green manure a couple of months ago. We had fun digging it over and trying to avoid the garlics that I planted in the winter. This is my second attempt at growing garlic. Last year I pulled up all the bulbs too soon (need to work on my patience, very lacking in that department), giving them another try. I have to balance what I grow with what space I have (did i mention, it's not alot!) and if I can't get the garlic to work then I can use their space for something more productive.

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  1. Maggie, you seem to be doing very well with the size of your garden. I also pulled up garlic that had been in the ground forever, there were no bulbs down below at all!