Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sometimes life isn't straight forward.

Firstly, Happy New Year!
Had life not got in the way, I would have not neglected my blog so terribly. To cut a long story short, Chris broke his arm just before Christmas and then just after Christmas needed an op and wires fitted. Life is just starting to return to some semblance of normality and normal sleep patterns are returning.

I haven't even had the chance or the inclination to check in on  fellow bloggers so I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.

I have been so looking forward to sowing my first seeds, I may have jumped the gun a few weeks but I started sowing seeds from the 1st of January.
It felt so good to be doing stuff.

I've always been nervous about when to start sowing, last year was my earliest start (the middle of February) but I've decided to give it a go especially with the chillies and tomatoes. I've also sown some peppers, aubergine and herbs including fenugreek.

These are all sitting in propagators sitting in Leah's bedroom window to get the most light.

I had a good sort through of my seeds and completely redid my "filing" system using bigger envelopes and with more details written on them so I can keep track of when to sow and the expiry date of the seeds. Also learnt a valuable lesson about which end of the seed packet to tear open!

May we all have a productive and fertile growing season with the right amount of rain and sunshine.



  1. I hope you'll get beautiful flowers and good harvest!

  2. Happy New Year! It's good to know that you're okay but sorry to read about Chris's mishap, and hope that he'll soon be on the mend.
    All I'll say about sowing seeds now is that there's plenty of time to sow more if need be!
    I do so agree with your last paragraph. Flighty xx

    1. Thanks Flighty and a Happy New Year to you. X

  3. Oh dear, glad things are getting better for you now. I am trying to lay off from sowing seeds till the end of Jan at the earliest. I am however very tempted to start my chillies now though.

    1. Chillies take so long to germinate, I don't think there's any harm in having a go now. X