Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunshine makes everything look better....mostly.

Yesterday was glorious here but I was stuck inside then today I've been nursing a headache that just won't quit so I thought I would blog in an attempt to distract my brain.
I pop out into the garden every morning to open up grow houses, this morning was a surprising dusting of frost but the plants are coping. It's mainly perennial plugs that I'm hardening off and growing on for friends so it's even more important that they survive.

This massive cloche on the left was a real bargain, I got it from a garden centre last week for just £10. It is a bit of an eyesore but I reckon it'll be great for the Autumn. At the moment it is covering some early sowings of beetroot, carrot and radishes from last month and peas and broad beans we did last week. There are a few other things growing but they're purely experimental at this stage but I'll report back when there is something to report (good or bad).
The garden really is a mess with lots that need clearing and chucking.
The ikea bag I've been growing in has given into the elements so I'm going to transfer the soil into a new grow bag I got cheaply.
I have some onions that have rotted so they will need sorting.
 I have pots to clear and things to be chopped and composted, just a few more weeks till the council start their green collection.
There really is not a huge amount to be proud of at the moment but there is progress.
The apple tree has leaves busting out all over and the blueberries and jostaberry bushes looking full of potential.

I am hardening off these I've grown from seed.
For colour I've growing cosmos brightness and rubenza, calendula fruit twist and teasels.
They have been in here for a few days, I open is up during the day and zip up at night and so far they are coming along. I'm going to allow them about two weeks like this and then they should be okay to leave unzipped all the time and then ready for planting out.
Plus, putting them outside has alleviated some of the strain on the window ledges which are full of tomatoes and the like.
And this is the one tidy patch of the garden. I have to be honest, I don't find primulas the most exciting of plants but they have done me proud this spring giving a much needed splash of colour.
Hope it's been a good weekend.


  1. Some sunshine, and no wind, certainly make a difference. I see that you like everyone is busy, and I'd guess that none of us have much to be proud of as it's nearly all planting and sowing at the moment.
    I got your email and have replied. Seeds will be in the post to you during the week.
    It's nice to see you posting again. Flighty xx