Sunday, 28 October 2012

The temperature has certainly dropped over the past few days. No frost here as yet so there is that to be thankful for. And there is more positive  goings on in the garden.
The scourge of white fly seems to be coming under control. I've given it a couple of sprays with the solution of  washing up liquid and I can see the difference. Whereas before, just one touch would disturb a whole host of white fly and sending them crazy. They had spread to the cavolo nero as well. Now there are hardly any, and the kale may possibly be saved. Will do another treatment or two and keep an eye.

After what is probably just a few weeks, the onions are producing green shoots. Having not grown onions before, I'm hoping things are all as they should be. The netting and shelf from the grow house seemed to have worked in keeping the squirrels at bay.

I've also planted up more garlic and another 2 elephant garlic cloves.

I do go on about my grow houses, I have a couple now and they are useful for gardening on a small scale but I had caught sight of a small lean to wooden greenhouse which seemed like a good price
I've bought a few things from them now and have been pleased with the quality.
It took me just under an hour to put together even with very basic instructions. I think one of the selling points of this is that, unlike the pvc grow houses, this is flush on the ground and so the snails can't get in.

I've grown on some plug plants perennials for some friends and I'm hanging onto them until the spring and there's still room for some of my cuttings.

And I look forward to filling it with a new seasons seeds come the Spring.
This is the hope that gets us through the coming months.



  1. that`s a nice little mini-greenhouse better than the plastic varieties which disintegrate after a couple of years

  2. You're lucky not to have had any frost. The allotments are rather exposed so not surprisingly the plot has suffered a few nights.
    I like the look of that mini-greenhouse. Flighty xx